Endorsements are given by verified Institutions or Experts and applied on certificates. [#TODO Cite examples]

An endorses can endorse various parts of a course

  1. They can endorse the curriculum. In this case they only claim that the words in the curriculum are meaningful and cover the material in a proper way. They don’t make claims neither about the material, nor about the delivery or the expected capacity of the students who receive the certificate that has the endorsement. The copy of the curriculum and its hash is part of the digital signature the endorser signs, so it can be known exactly hat they have endorsed.
  2. They can endorse the material. This is a higher level of endorsement, because it means that they have reviewed the teaching material in detail and found it satisfactory.
  3. They can endorse the delivery of the course. This level of endorsement implies an even higher level of endorsement, and implies that they are confident that the curriculum, the course material and the teachers delivering the course are all up to their standards.
  4. They can endorse the course and the exams for a particular purpose. This means that they are confident to endorse the entire course and the resulting certificate to fit for certain industry level, for specific jobs or for any other expressed purpose. Currently this is the highest and most valuable endorsement available.

It is expected that in the future other levels of endorsements will be available.