Meet the team

Skilltree is a sustainable educational framework that helps to produce and to consume high quality knowledge.
Skilltree makes possible for everyone to monetize their knowledge, or to benefit from investing in others.

Andras Kristof

CTO @ VIKI($200m Exit), ex Yahoo, Founder at Tembusu Systems, Akomba Labs, 20+ years industry experience, 5 years blockchain.

Benjamin Ong

Winner @ EthSg Hackathon, Founding member of the Peace bridge project, Business Lead

Dave Appleton

Tech Lead @ Tembusu Systems(First Bitcoin ATM in ASIA). 5+ years block-chain experience, 2 years of hardware engineering experience, 50 years of programming experience.

Gabor Kristof

Creative Director @ Akomba Labs. Conceptualized @ produced designs for: Viki, Ethercards, Homestay, Halo Box, Onionlink

Zoltan Tasnadi

VP of Engineering, 20+ years of experience with full stack development, 5 years of blockchain experience.


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