A problem with technical exams is that they get obsolete very quckly. The code that produced correct result might work today but will become invalid by the next minor release. This is true even for relatively well-established programming languages like Python and NodeJS. But in our industry, it has happened multiple times that a tutorial that was published 4 weeks ago has been obsoleted by a new version of solidity.

Unlearn Network’s exam platform can make sure that the technical questions and solutions are not obsolete and that they produce the correct result in a current compiler / interpretr as well.

Virtual Machines

UN achieves it by using Virtual Machines to execute the results. Whenever a relevant new version of – for example – solidity gets released, a vm is built and all existing questions in all exams get executed against the new version. Since the exam itself knows the expected result and a smaple known good answer for every question, it is trivial to check if the known good answer still produces the correct result.


As highlighted, while it is possible to automatically check whether an exam is still up to date, but it’s not possible to automatically fix a broken exam. Similarly, manual work is needed to build new vms with the newer versions of compilers and interpreters.

However, this limitation opens up opportunities as well.

Community Involvement

Similar to Stackoverflow or gitcoin, the system will use a community of people who will help with the maintenance with the VMs, and the exams. Similarly, due to the vm infrastructure, it is possible to run the system in a distributed fashion, and pay people for the service provided. These services won’t have to implemented, only integrated.

One of the goals of the second phase is to work out the details of this integration and the economic details.